Volunteers at ZJ Farm

Students from the 2008 Iowa Governor Institute
spent a day setting up tomato cages

Volunteers at ZJ Farm

Students from Alpha Kappa Psi
dismantle a barn that was damaged in a wind storm

Volunteers are integral to our farming operation. Some of our volunteers come once for a few hours and others have become part of the life of our farm. They come and go on their own schedule and contribute immensely, each in their own way, to the work and the spirit of our community supported agriculture farm.

Thanks to the Local Food Connection and Laura Dowd, much of our early spring and late fall work is done with the help of student volunteers from local colleges. Twice a year Alpha Kappa Psi from the University of Iowa brings 50-80 volunteers to the farm taking on big tasks that need doing.

Just a few of the ways in which volunteers contribute to our farm:

Planting and maintaining asparagus and rhubarb …Alannah has spent most of her free time for the last three years dedicated to keeping these plots healthy and weed free

Website construction and maintenance …Steve set up our first site and Heather is responsible for our current site. Phillip and Betsy manage our recipe website from afar.

Planting, weeding and harvesting …the list is long…Carol, Heidi, Laura, Lynette, Emma and countless others…they all mange to come at exactly the moment we are becoming slightly desperate and lift our spirits and add their hands to a sometimes daunting task

Cooking and baking …Emily, Regina, Simone, Carol…we love this one!

Cleaning months of manure pack out of the lambing area so we can have our potluck and barn dance …McDonough Structures has generously provided machines and labor to get the job done

To volunteer email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.