Our Philosophy


ZJ Farm and our other farm partners are committed to sustainable agriculture: supporting new and existing local farms and farm families, preserving and building the soil for the future, and providing wholesome food directly to the consumer. In promoting a dialogue between town and farm, we growers continually offer our land, knowledge and experiences to our members.

ATTRA ( National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service) defines sustainable agriculture as follows:

“Sustainable farming meets environmental, economic, and social objectives simultaneously. Sustainable agriculture depends on a whole-system approach whose overall goal is the continuing health of the land and people.

Environmentally sound agriculture is nature-based rather than factory-based. Economic sustainability depends on profitable enterprises, sound financial planning, proactive marketing, and risk management. Social sustainability results from making decisions with the farm family's and the larger community's quality of life as a value and a goal.”

We have adopted the following individual tenets of sustainability as long-term goals for our farm and family:

Economic Sustainability (This is the weakest link in our family/farm sustainability.)

  • Our family savings or net worth is consistently going up.
  • Our family debt is consistently going down.
  • Our farm enterprises are consistently profitable from year to year.

Social Sustainability

  • Our farm supports other businesses and families in the community.
  • We buy locally whenever possible so dollars circulate within our local economy.
  • Young people have the opportunity to learn our farming methods.
  • We facilitate the ability of young farmers to join our farming community.

Environmental Sustainability

  • We use organic practices in our vegetable production.
  • There is no bare ground.
  • Clean water flows in our farm's creek.
  • Wildlife is abundant.
  • Our farm landscape is diverse in vegetation.