About Local Harvest CSA

Iowa City Farmers Market

Susan Jutz (right) with a customer
at the Iowa City Farmer's Market

Susan Jutz, owner and operator of ZJ Farm, is the primary vegetable grower for Local Harvest CSA but works closely with other farmers to provide the wide variety of vegetables that are part of our vegetable shares. Laura Krouse who also operates Abbe Hills CSA in Mount Vernon grows potatoes, sweet corn and edamame for us. In exchange for these crops, we start all of Laura’s seedlings in ZJ Farm’s unheated greenhouse as well as providing backup for each other in case of a crop failure.

Here at ZJ Farm all of the vegetables we grow are for distribution to our CSA members. We do not sell at Farmer’s Markets or via any other venues. We harvest and distribute vegetables 2 days per week; Monday and Thursday. We are famous for our bulk table….which allows you to pick up the amount and item you prefer of our weekly greens and herbs as well as the abundance of the week.

Thanks to the Local Food Connection and Laura Dowd, much of our early spring work is done with the help of student volunteers from local colleges. Twice a year Alpha Kappa Psi from the University brings 80 volunteers to the farm and take on big tasks that need doing.